• Getting a dog is a huge responsibility that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Know that a dog will require daily care and attention, grooming, training and routine veterinary treatment for about 10 – 15 years.

Things to Consider in Buying a Dog

• Before you hit the pet store to purchase a dog, do some research to know what particular breed suits your personality and lifestyle. The exercise, space needed and daily care of dogs varies in each breed.

• Dog is considered to be a social animal, it may be independent and happy to entertain itself but not for long. Do not get a dog if you have a hectic schedule. Leaving them out alone all the time may result to boredom that will lead to a behavior that is anti-social and destructive.

Things to Consider in Buying a Dog
• When getting a family dog, be sure that the entire family is up for it as having a pet will affect each of the members of the household. Be sure that everyone is more than willing to commit with the responsibilities of dog care. And also, check if anyone has allergy or any medical condition that can be triggered by having a dog in the house.
• The best place to get a dog is in the rescue homes rather than buying a very expensive one in the pet store.

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